Glass Music Plaques

Customise our Apple Music Template just to your liking! Add your partners favourite song and favourite picture, and show them just how much that song makes you think of them.

Whether its a birthday, anniversary or just a lovely gesture, this does just the trick.

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Custom Gift Boxes

Customise our amazing gift boxes just the way you want it, add all the lovely goodies your favourite person likes and make their day!

Whether its for a birthday, Exam Care Package, Special Time of the Month package, we've got them all, our custom gift boxes are exactly what you need!



How long does it take to make?

Only 4-5 working days at max, then it is shipped straight to your doorstep

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver nationwide all over South Africa, straight to your doorstep with our door-to-door couriers

Can i put multiple images on one plaque?

Yes! By all means you can, just create a collage with any collage app, and submit it to us as a single image when placing your order.

Can i do a collection?

Yes, we have pickup locations all over Pretoria

Glass Calendars

Looking to plan your life, but keep it cute at the same time? Then our glass calendars are just for you!

Pick the color of your calendar and even add cute motivational notes to it at the bottom :)

Customise My Calendar Now >>>