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Golden Glass Calendar

Golden Glass Calendar

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Amazing acrylic glass calendar, for yearly planning.

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Customise your glass cover

Choose between a standard album cover or uploading a custom picture to replace the album cover. (P.S works great for wedding anniversary/birthdays or bestfriend gifts)


Personalise your Song Name + Artist

Choose between keeping the standard Song Name + Artist or personalizing them to have your golden person's name along with a mini message to show them your appreciation.


Choose your timing & Add a note (optional)

Select your own song timing to have it at your favorite part of the song and add a personalized message to make the gift a lot more sentimental.


Can i add multiple pictures on one plaque?

Yes, although if you would like a collage, we require that you create one using any collage app, and submit it to us as a single image

Do the plaques break easily?

No, they do not, we use acrylic glass to minimize the chances of any shattering or breakage

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver nationwide straight yo your doorstep using our door-to-door couriers