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The Golden Journey

So basically...I guess you're hear because you want to know how it all started? You want to learn the sweet long cute story that led to the creation of Golden Plaques? Well..it all started with Professor X, some rice, spice & everything nice...Im playing thats not the story, would've been great to have a Golden Powerpuff though.

Okay now here is the actual Golden Journey and how we began. Our founder (Tinashe Musanhu) wanted to find a way to allow people to express their emotions and how they feel for either themselves or their golden person, on any golden day in a way that was affordable, rare but still showed people that you care.

Everything was just costly and was either to cringy or just not good enough. One day Tinashe was listening to a song that constantly reminded him of someone, it described that person to every inch of detail and he thought, "what if I could dedicate this to someone? What if..I could express myself through a song."

So he went all around trying to figure out how he could do this & bang! He came up with the idea of Golden Plaques. Imagine being able to hand a gift to someone and the gift brings out all the words you couldn't explain? well you don't have to imagine because we kinda do exist now, as you can see since you're reading this. When he handed that person the first Golden plaque, she absolutely loved in, and it was only right that other people would be able to do this too. He definitely knew he couldn't have been the only one feeling that way.

So Golden plaques was established and came into business in 2021. That's our story, now let us help you create yours. Purchase a Golden plaque now.